First Day of School

Today was our fabulous first day of school. I’ll post pics in a second.

We discussed what I expected of the kids and what they wanted to study. This week they “get” to pick what they want to read. Both of them chose one of their new books on their stack of goodies this morning. I bought 4 sports books for them. So, Gentry is reading a biography about Joe Torre, manager of New York Yankees. She already told me I would like it because there are lots of lessons about leaders. Just the fact that she related the book to me is a step in thinking for herself.

Hunter is reading The Rookie. Have you seen the movie? Well, we own it along with many other sports movies. I also gave him a biography of Cal Ripken and he told me he wanted to finish his bio of Coach K that he started this summer.

We’re almost finished with Robinson Crusoe. I hope to post my thought about the book and how to read it from a Biblical worldview later this week.

Better go finish dinner. We have our first girls Bible study tonight for my daughters and their friends. I am looking forward to my first formal study with the girls.


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