Walking on Ice

Are you staying warm these days? Thank goodness for heaters! The past few nights have dipped below zero. This southern gal is enjoying the beautiful snow-covered town. Well, the cold does get to me sometimes. When I went for a walk on Saturday morning, I had to cut it short. My fingers were freezing. I’m sure it was below 10 that morning, but I really needed to walk.

I tried to go for a walk last Monday, but fell twice on the ice, in less than a block. So…I headed back home to exercise inside!

Today is absolutely gorgeous – sunshine and snow fills the area.


ps. I’m not as much of a klutz as it may sound. When I fell twice, it was 6:30am and the sun was not up. So, it was a bit difficult to see those thin layers of ice on the sidewalks. :-)

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