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Happy Easter

Monday, March 24th, 2008

I hope you had a wonderful Easter on this Lord’s Day.  We had a relaxing day, delicious meal (Steve cooked chucker) and fantastic conversation around our table.

Homeschooler Wins Basketball Awards

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Last night was Gentry’s Basketball Award Dinner for Moscow High School. The varsity awards are voted by the girls on the team and the coach asks the girls to give the awards to each other. Not only did Gentry give the award for Most Improved Player, she received 2 awards. . . Most Inspirational and the Bear Award. The Bear Award is for the all-around girl that keeps the teams going, leads the team and sets the example for everyone else. We learned that Gentry’s teammates called her the Team Mom 🙂

Gentry with Lisa & Coach A – her Varsity basketball coaches

Gentry honors her coaches – Lisa & Coach A

A few of the girls on Moscow Varsity Basketball 08

Although the season was not what the girls expected, they sure enjoyed each other and grew as individuals and a team. Her head coach, Lisa, remarked that they might not win as many games as they liked, but she was going to make them “strong”. That really sums up what Steve & I saw in this group of girls – strong girls with superb character. When the school administration ended their season without allowing them to play their last game, the girls organized themselves. They called the head of Idaho’s high school sports, visited the Superintendent’s office, talked to the Principal and Athletic Director and dreamed of ways to get to Sandpoint to play their last game…through miserable weather conditions of wind & snow. What a great group of girls – steadfast, creative and persistent!