Air Trip to Big Island

This morning we took a small engine airplane touring Maui & the Big Island.  What an adventure.  I’m not really into heights…or bumpy airplane rides.  And they put me in the co-pilot seat.  At first, I was unsure as we flew over the water, but I quickly got used to it.  We saw waterfalls that we never would have seen in a car.  They flowed down the sides of the sea cliffs.  The Hana Highway was wonderful, too.

It took 10 minutes to fly from Maui to the Big Island, a distance of 28 miles at the closest points between the 2 islands.  More waterfalls, sugar/pineapple farms, rainforests.  Hilo is the wettest city in the US, with about 220-250 inches rain/year.  Then, we headed to the volcano and saw it spewing out at the water’s edge.  You can see the lava coming out, too.  The hot steam warms the water and adds to the island’s edge.  The island’s edge is always changing with the lava flow adding to the island and the water eroding away the island.

We headed to the saddleback of Big Island between the 2 mountains.  Then, off to the dry side of the island that gets very little rain.  We made our way back to Maui and Halakeala Crater, which we had ridden down 2 days ago.  Molikini Island looked just like the pictures, a horseshoe crater with great snorkeling.  Along the south and west side of Maui, it was great to get our bearings of where everything is.

As we made our landing we flew through a wind shear…with some big bumps, but we made it down safely.  I survived!  Yea!  It was actually a lot of fun.

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