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    Kerry Beck’s Story

    I sat down to invite you to hear my story and I’m not sure where to start my invite. So many ideas going through my head. Let’s face it. Life can be difficult. For me, my life rocked along okay most of the time. Sure, we had ups and downs. Some of our downs were not easy. But overall, life was good. Good marriage. Good family. Good kids. Good friends. Good ministry. In the spring of 2016, I prayed regularly that I would walk in the Spirit all day long. I didn’t want to just spend time with God in the mornings when I prayed and read my Bible. Then,…

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  • Kerry Beck

    Faith! Faith! Faith!

    Faith changes things. Faith heals us. Because you believed, your servant was healed. Matthew 8:13Seeing their faith, the paralyzed man was healed. Matthew 9:2Your faith made you well, woman with blood flow. Matthew 9:22Because of your faith, the blind see. Matthew 9:29 God, You’ve given me faith that my loved one will return to You wholly and fully. Your voice tells me You will hel my loved one spiritually, bringing this person back to You and our family. It doesn’t matter what this loved one thinks or says about himself. It only matters what YOU say. You say you are woking and will never leave this person. I believe, placing…

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    I’m trying

    I’m trying to trust God I’m trying to obey God I guess what’s not working is the “I’m” trying. I can’t do this God. People say we choose, we decide. I choose You right now, but I don’t fear You enough to obey by the end of the day. I can’t do it, so I give myself totally to You. Again, today, I turn over my new brain cells to obey You. Only You. Not me. Not my desires. I declare Your strength in me to fast. I trust if this is Your will, You will give me the ability. I also declare freedom over me for bad feelings, hurts…

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    Do you know what “nonage” means? I learned this morning because I signed up for daily words at dictionary.com. I thought one word a day might help my vocabulary. Nonage means a time of youth or immaturity. Thomas Paine uses it here: It occasionally puts children over men, and the conceits of nonage over wisdom and experience. — Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man This reminded me of the way our society views youth. Youth is elevated above anything else, especially wisdom and experience. When raising a true leader, they will seek wisdom and experience and not rely on their nonage.

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    We’re Headed to Texas

    Steve and I are sitting on the back deck enjoying the cool crisp morning. Actually, I’m wearing a sweatshirt because it’s fairly cold this morning. As I type this post, Chipman United Moving is loading the truck with all our belongings. On Wednesday & Thursday, a crew packed our entire house into boxes…pretty amazing since we have a 4 bedroom, 2 office home. But they finished it by 3 pm on the second day. Our kids flew home this morning. Grandpa will pick them up at the airport and take them home. Steve & I are driving the car (& dog) down to Texas. What’s wrong with this picture??? We…

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    Incredible Deals…through Monday, June 30

    Well, you haven’t heard from me because I’ve been in Texas getting our house ready to move back…yea!!! I didn’t realize how tiring painting could be. I sanded, primed and painted our living room and Hunter’s bedroom. Going up & down that ladder to paint the crown molding is a great workout for my legs I also worked on our hall and made lots of trips to Lowes and the local paint store. You can see a few pics on the next posts. So why am I writing if we are in the midst of moving from Idaho to Texas? We need to clear out our inventory and reduce the…

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    A Little Birdie Told Me

    I spent this past weekend at my parents’ farm. Outside the kitchen were some cute little birds that flew away on Saturday. Here are pics before they flew the nest.

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  • Kerry Beck

    Remodeling our Texas Home

    I’ve been in Texas for about a month as we remodel our home. We have a painter that is tremendous…Todd Chapman. But we have more work to do than we have time, so I’m painting too. Todd finished our dining room. I don’t have the original picture, but here are some in-process and the finished room.

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  • Kerry Beck

    Sitting in Spring

    What a lovely weekend.  Yesterday I got a sunburn from watching my daughter’s softball games from 2pm to 6pm.  Today I’m soaking in the sunshine from my front porch.  Finally, spring weather in the northwest.

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