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    Air Trip to Big Island

    This morning we took a small engine airplane touring Maui & the Big Island.  What an adventure.  I’m not really into heights…or bumpy airplane rides.  And they put me in the co-pilot seat.  At first, I was unsure as we flew over the water, but I quickly got used to it.  We saw waterfalls that we never would have seen in a car.  They flowed down the sides of the sea cliffs.  The Hana Highway was wonderful, too. It took 10 minutes to fly from Maui to the Big Island, a distance of 28 miles at the closest points between the 2 islands.  More waterfalls, sugar/pineapple farms, rainforests.  Hilo is…

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    Breakfast at Harvest

    Breakfast was served around 9am in a wonderful setting. It was true New York style with the noise level growing in intensity. In other words, it was getting louder as we ate. All the others at the table were from New York. We enjoyed visiting with past Wine Campers and learning about their winery experiences in California and New York. We also enjoyed Chris’ wonderful breakfast, fresh fruit, banana/blueberry bread, frittata with home grown zucchini, and potatoes. All of it was delicious. I never thought about putting zucchini in eggs, but I really liked it! We felt so at home at Harvest Inn. When we return, we will probably spend…

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    Jedediah Hawkins Inn

    We got lost going to Jedediah Hawkins, but finally pulled into their gorgeous driveway. The Inn was the Designer Showcase a few years ago where several designers pulled together their talents and refurbished this house that was falling apart. Let me just say, this inn is beautiful. It is worth going just to see how beautiful it is. We waited for them to reset our table and enjoyed a quiet meal. We split the soft-shell crab. I had a bowl of wild mushroom soup that was great along with their spice rolls. The sauce under the crab was wonderful. We’re both not sure about eating the soft shells, but we…

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    Harvest Inn Bed & Breakfast

    This is the one place I knew I wanted to stay on our visit. I’m so glad I did. When you stay with Chris & Darolyn, you feel like part of their family. As we walked up to the house, Chris put down his wine and showed us into their home. Previously, he was entertaining past Wine Campers on the porch. Darolyn showed us our room and told us we might want to visit with the Wine Campers outside. I wanted to take a nap so I laid down for awhile. Steve joined everyone on the front porch. That’s where he learned about various wineries on the island. After my…

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    Lavender by the Bay

    As we drove away from By The Bluff B&B, we ran right into Lavender By The Bay.  We stopped and looked around at the lavender farm…quite interesting.  I’ve always read about lavender and the calming effect it has.  I had fun looking around and seeing their huge farm in back.

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    Breakfast By The Bluff

    I woke up and read the clock wrong.  I thought it said 8:30 so I got out of bed and took a shower since breakfast is served from 8:30 to 9:30.  When I got out of the shower I realized I had read the clock wrong.  It was really 7:30am.  And, I could have slept another hour.  Oh well, I had some time to write! Breakfast was delicious!  French Toast with Cooked Apples, Quiche, Fresh Berries…yummy! After breakfast, Patricia showed us the Main Suite they just opened this year.  The room is named after her aunt, Auntie Kate, and is a gorgeous suite with a claw foot tub.  I love…

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    By The Bluff

    By The Bluff Off to East Marion the northern tip of Long Island’s North Shore.  We finally pulled into the driveway of our B&B, By The Bluff.  Patricia greeted us with a hug at the front door.  She showed us around their lovely home and introduced us to their 2 big saint bernards that weigh about 170 pounds, really! As we walked upstairs, Patricia told us we picked a lovely room.  She was right.  The Leitrim Room was gorgeous with dark wood floors, white wrought-iron bed and classy white decor.  I loved it.  Then she showed us the lovely sitting room and bathroom off the side.  I’m sitting at the…

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    Off to Sagamore Hill

    After a series of crazy events, we finally got Gentry off to Philadelphia to meet Grandma. She’ll spend the rest of her senior trip with my mom. My mom takes each granddaughter to Pennsylvania after they graduate. It was quite interesting getting her off as our plans changed frequently. The rental car place did not have any cars in Manhattan so we took a cab to La Guardia because they were suppose to have cars at the airport. Wrong! But we only waited about 15 minutes and received an upgrade to a Jeep Cherokee. (Note to self: Cars are probably not available in NYC when you make reservation.) Finally, we…

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    Michael Phelps’ 8 Gold Medals

    Gentry rushed back to the room in hopes of watching Michael Phelps compete for his 8th gold medal in this Olympics.  We arrived around 11pm – race time!  The team was walking on to the platform and we got to watch history being made.

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    The Lion King

    We rushed to the Minske Theater on Broadway for our show since we didn’t realize how late it was after dinner. We sat down less than 5 minutes before the curtain rose. All of us wondered how they would perform this animal play with people. It was amazing! Actually, Gentry told me later she wasn’t sure if she would really like it since people were acting as animals. Afterward, she said it was one of the coolest shows she has ever seen. We all agreed! During intermission we could look down on Broadway and see all the people on Times Square. Minske Theater was a great location as you were…

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