Kerry Beck

Faith! Faith! Faith!

Faith changes things. Faith heals us.

Because you believed, your servant was healed. Matthew 8:13
Seeing their faith, the paralyzed man was healed. Matthew 9:2
Your faith made you well, woman with blood flow. Matthew 9:22
Because of your faith, the blind see. Matthew 9:29

God, You’ve given me faith that my loved one will return to You wholly and fully. Your voice tells me You will hel my loved one spiritually, bringing this person back to You and our family.

It doesn’t matter what this loved one thinks or says about himself. It only matters what YOU say. You say you are woking and will never leave this person. I believe, placing my faith, in YOU, Your work, Your Truth. It is faith that will heal this loved one and our family.

Continue to empower me to be a woman of faith:

  • in reconciliation with others
  • against the world when it does not follow Your Word
  • in Your reconciling
  • in Your forever healing touch
  • in Your work

Enable me to be different for You, God. To be attractive because of the victory and healing You have given me. Different than the world and even the church or other Christians. To wait for Your miracle reconciliation and forgiveness, which is greater than the temporary comforts the world recommends.

Let me stand for what is Your will. Your truth. Your work.

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