Kerry Beck

I’m trying

I’m trying to trust God

I’m trying to obey God

I guess what’s not working is the “I’m” trying. I can’t do this God. People say we choose, we decide. I choose You right now, but I don’t fear You enough to obey by the end of the day. I can’t do it, so I give myself totally to You.

Again, today, I turn over my new brain cells to obey You. Only You. Not me. Not my desires. I declare Your strength in me to fast. I trust if this is Your will, You will give me the ability.

I also declare freedom over me for bad feelings, hurts from words & actions of others. Those people are mostly clueless as to how hurtful small comments are to me. So, I turn those thoughts over to You to obey.

I make these declarations and trust God to make them true.

  • I confess: I don’t fear God enough. I don’t obey that quiet voice.
  • Love does not demand its own way, so I don’t demand my own way, my selfish desires.
  • I am patient, kind, gentle.
  • It’s not what I want or what I think is best. It’s what God wants for me. for my family.
  • I rejoice all day long.

Focus my eyes (and our family’s eyes) on Jesus today. May we always think and call on the name of Jesus.

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