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Warren & Annabelle’s

We’ve heard all about Warren & Annabelle’s so we decided to take in their show.  We’re not really into magic, but the reviews are outstanding. When you first get there, you spend time in the Parlor, enjoying appetizers, drinks & Annabelle’s piano playing.  Annabelle is a “ghost” that plays the piano.  There’s a long story about her missing husband and her playing the piano to comfort herself.  The pupus (appetizers) are delicious – crab, shrimp, chicken, pork.  We each got to choose a dessert.  Mine was Raspberry White Chocolate cheesecake…yummy.  Steve got Pots De Creme and Ashley, of course, choose Creme Brulee. Off to Warren’s magic show. Warren is truly a comedian and the show was fantastic.  It’s not even worth trying to figure out how he does some of his magic. Card tricks, disappearing acts, reappearing acts, appearing out of thin space and much more! He is outstanding & entertaining at the same time.  We highly recommend this show.  You’ll love it.